Sahomi Koyama

Sahomi Koyama, born February 27, is a voice actress from Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. She is better known under the stage name "Misonoo Mei" under which she is contracted to AG-Promotion and chiefly works as voice actress for adult games. According to her profile page of her recent "non-adult" media employer A-Z Creative, she has changed her "non-adult" stage name from "Umehara Chihiro (梅原 千尋)" to "Koyama Sahomi (小山 さほみ)". Also known as Himizu Karina (氷水 かりな).

Known For: Acting


Place of Birth: Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan

Also Known As: 氷水 かりな, Himizu Karina, 伊藤 さほ, Itou Saho, 駒沢 佳香, Komazawa Yoshika , Koyama Sahomi, 御苑生 メイ, Misonoo Mei , Umehara Chihiro, 小山 さほみ, 梅原 千尋

Sahomi Koyama