Love in Chains

Love in Chains

Kateryna is beautiful, clever and by the will of her godmother was raised as a lady of noble blood. But for the whole world, she is only someone else’s property, a bondmaid of the richest landowner in Nizhyn – Chervinskyi. Struggling for her freedom and the right to be happy, she will have to endure the deaths of her closest people, become the property of a woman who hates and dreams to kill her, survive the popular uprising, escape while being chased by a maniac and flee from the one who wants to get her above all. What awaits Kateryna at the end of such a terrible and exhausting path to freedom?

Runtime: 45:14 minutes

Quality: HD

First air date: Feb 25, 2019

Last air date: Nov 18, 2021

Episode: 96 Episode

Season: 4 Season

IMDb: 2.6