Jeong In is found dead, grasping a note forewarning her death. In the past, she and Min Tae Chang conspired and killed Baek Seol Ah's father and stole his fortune. After using the money she stole to become the CEO of a production company she found, she meets and falls for Seo Jin Ho, an aspiring actor who looks just like her first love. Jeong In transforms him into Jung Woo Jin, a top star. However, she learns that his former love is Baek Seol Ah and that Park Jin Kyung, the unrevealed writer of "Poker Face," is the same person as Baek Seol Ah. Baek Seol Ah vows to get revenge after learning that her ex-boyfriend, Seo Jin Ho, is involved with Jeong In, who had murdered her father. She resolves to write a drama to complete her revenge. Could Baek Seol Ah be Moon Jeong In's murderer? The culprit was someone in the banquet hall, but everyone wished for Jeong In's death. Who was it, and for what reason did they kill her?

Genre: ,

Stars: , , , ,

Crew: Choi Ji-young

Country: KR

Studio: KBS2

Runtime: 26:14 minutes

Quality: HD

First air date: Jun 17, 2024

Last air date: Jul 02, 2024

Episode: 50 Episode

Season: 1 Season

IMDb: 10