The State Job

The State Job

The backbone of the "Drzavni Posao (Government Job)" are satirical talks between the three actors, the comments are reminiscent of the "stand-up" form. These are short, witty comments and observations on daily life, circumstances, sociopolitical situation, sports, entertainment world, their personal opinions on various topics. The main idea is to present day in a non-existent government company and three employees of thinking about daily events in it, but also about life and society in general. Topics drawn from the daily and weekly press, for various blogs, websites, talk about movies, series, shows - radio and television. The idea is that actors humorously comment on current events, to laugh viewers and encourage them to think about them.


Stars: , ,

Crew: Stojče Stoleski

Country: RS

Studio: RTV 1, YouTube, Superstar TV

Runtime: 10:14 minutes

Quality: HD

First air date: Sep 24, 2012

Last air date: Nov 13, 2018

Episode: 383 Episode

Season: 7 Season

IMDb: 3.2