Debt to the Sea

Debt to the Sea

Our story opens with a myth that every year seven people end up in the sea, because the sea is the beginning and the end of everything, it is the source of life and of survival, therefore a human sacrifice must be presented to it, willingly or unwillingly. The story is set in a place connecting present times and the past, the characters present and those disappeared, the living and the dead. Myths and legends determine the lives of the characters of the series "Debt to the Sea" in a specific way, and their interconnected complex destinies are told in a mystic atmosphere. Is the legend about the sea taking human offerings true? Are only the two stones with the same sign carved in them to be blamed for all the events, or are the reasons hidden among people and their secrets?

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Country: RS


Runtime: 26:14 minutes

Quality: HD

First air date: Oct 06, 2019

Last air date: Mar 17, 2023

Episode: 35 Episode

Season: 4 Season

IMDb: 10